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Time-critical shipments need special service, even in the age of JIT (just-in-time) and computerized network of logistics hubs. Lack of one small part can stop the whole manufacturing process and late arrival of small accessories will delay the debut of the new products. In these extremely time-critical situations, the last resort solution is the on-board courier service (OBC) or hand-carry service. OBC is faster and more reliable than the regular courier or airfreight as it does not go through the collection and sorting at the logistics hub and it goes with the courier as checked baggage. 

AHJIN has been providing this service to the local clients as well as overseas clients for several years. Our dedicated 24/7 service team arranges export service from Korea, import service into Korea or between third countries through a network of professional partners and couriers in 40+ countries. We provide tailor-made solutions for managing pick-ups, flight bookings, customs clearance and delivery to the recipient anywhere in the world. Your shipment can be monitored in real-time through our tracking service and we provide real-time proof-of-delivery (POD) upon its safe arrival.

If you encounter this rare situation, think of our service as the last resort. Your last resort will turn out to be your best choice after all.