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AHJIN proudly serves the US military members. We have been providing service since 1992. After the Korean War, U.S. Forces have been stationed in various parts of Korea. The troop size has reduced since 1974 to 28,000 but this number remains constant.

In addition to ITGBL(International Through Government Bill of Lading) and commercial household goods, AHJIN is a full-service freight forwarder, handling imports and exports of various general cargoes. This gives us an advantage and competitiveness when it comes to OTO bidding. After 5 years of successful performance in Osan Air Base, AHJIN was awarded a contract for local moves in Pyeongtaek and Dongducheon.

AHJIN can accept any booking including short-fuse shipments without any difficulties as we are able to deploy other subcontractors if necessary. AHJIN is maintaining two approved warehouses, one in Kunsan (QMFL) and another in Anseong (QXAK & QNFL).
We also have storage facilities in Dongducheon, Uijeongbu, Daegu and Busan.
In Seoul, we have a small dispatch facility with limited storage capability.

Our government service extends in the GSA Personal Property. Through the contract with the US Embassy in Korea, we provide the packing and delivery service for the US diplomats in Korea.

In addition, we provide commercial household goods transportation service for the multinational companies, embassies and Korean companies. We maintain dedicated teams in both Seoul and Busan and they provide the first-class service.

For any relocation needs, government or commercial, try our dependable and experienced service.